Differences between Chinese and European buyers

0268-e590b4e6988ce7a195-e5af8ce8b4b5e59bbe2Chinese collectors are much younger than their European counterparts, and spend heavily on young artists and calligraphers. The main buyers of art in China are those aged between 30 and 45, who have succeeded in the financial sector or in real estate. Many of them speculate in art just as they do in bonds or apartments.

But according to a friend who is an important art dealer in Europe, not many buyers are young there. ” People have to get married, to have children, to throw the children out of their houses, and then they have the money and start to buy, and they still need time to learn about art and antiques. The process is long,” he said.

“That’s why I have to say that the youngest buyers are 40 to 45, and the majority are quite old. Sometimes, of very modern art, the buyers are younger but not much. It is the money problem – people just don’t have the money to buy it until they are old enough.”


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