Former donators need help

The name of Liao Jingwen should be written down in the art history, not merely in a blog.

The widow of Xu Beihong (1895-1953) donated all the other 1,250 works of arguably the most famous 20th-century Chinese artist and the 1,100 cultural relics in Xu’s collection to the central government after the artist’s death in 1953.

But in 2005, she had to sell the only two works of the artist in her possession in the coming week in an attempt to sustain the Xu Beihong Memorial Museum. Eighty-one-year-old Liao Jingwen Liao suffers from severe diabetes and was in a critical financial situation.

The “Horse Album” and the “Album of Sketches on Calcutta” were auctioned by the China Sungari International Auction Co Ltd.

Liao is a prime example of those collectors donated their art collections to national collections in the 1950s. Those still alive are all very old. Most are suffering from financial difficulties.



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