Post-Olympic interest


e58898e5b08fe4b89c1The world market has had a strong interest for Chinese arts since the beginning of the new century, but is it still there after the 2008 Olympics? Many insiders doubt it. They are talking about an ominous sign at the recent rounds of autumn sales – Indian contemporary art is getting hot.

Arguably the best-selling Indian artist now is Raqib Shaw. When his oil painting “Garden of Earthly Delights III” sold for 2.7 million pounds at the Sotheby’s last October, nearly everybody at site looked around and asked: “who is this Raqib Shaw?” His name was little heard of before.

Sales of Indian and Pakistan arts are also picking up in Hong Kong. At the Christie’s sale of contemporary Asian art on the island last November, 22 works from the subcontinent sold for a combined total of more than HK$30.3 million, the highest aggregate price for the category ever reached in Hong Kong.